The company CM Elevatori is a leading company in the material handling sector and they pride themeselves in producing excellent quality products   ι  

The history of CM starts at 1974 and since then keeps evolving in a fast pace while keeping up with the vast technological development    .

A deep analysis of the main characteristics of the requested applications in the field of handling, together with the need of work time reduction and ease of use, enabled the realization of a wide range of products, all of them with a high degree of specialization       ι,      .

CM offers a great range of forklift masts,tippers and buckets.

Accessories and attachments for agricultural tractors and forklift trucks     . Designed and manufactured   according to the needs and instructions of the customers.

The company can offer the most suitable solutions, by offering services and customized products and that by keeping a very good quality-price ratio.


Hydraulic masts for al types of forklifts or tractors. Πhey offer performance and quality without compromise: they combine high load capacity with the necessary lightness to work in the best way.     

Made with high quality materials, they are strong and reliable to fully meet the needs of the operators 


Hydraulic bin box tippers applicable to all type of forklift trucks and public works vehicles, they simplify the handling, the storage and the turning of bin boxes of any size    


Special forklifts: in a perspective of continuous development, the CM has been involved in the design and production of projects made according to the customer specifications and/or need of the customer (for instance logistic solutions for the warehousing). The great experience and the high level of craftmanship enabled the manufacture of full customized products suitable to the technological and production needs of its own customers.