6th forklift manufacturer   worldwide

Trucks sold during  2021:
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Η Anhui HELI Co. Limited is the main subsidiary of the group Heli, specializing in the manufacture of industrial machinery.
It was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1996, with a share capital of 514 million yuan.


“Lifting the future” as a mission, this first represents a liability. . As the leading brand (No.1) in China in manufacturing forklift products, HELI aims to expand internationally to become major player on the world stage.

Targets for the future:

In 2006 HELI successfully entered the top 10 companies manufacturing material handling machinery in the world. Today, the company’s short-term goal is to climbing into the top 5 machinery manufacturers in the world and continue to improve products and know-how.


Closer to all your needs…

HELI EUROPE is the European division of the HELI group.

Founded in December 2014. Heli Europe’s facilities are located at the crossroads of Europe, in northern France, in the heart of the Eurocap de Coquelles business park.

Thanks to a large stock of machines available and a very large number of spare parts, the company can meet the requests and needs of customers with great immediacy.